We have a variety of forms approved for use in DocuSign!

Here are some of the approved forms that departments have made available as templates:

Academic Affairs

  1. Request to Participate in Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) Form (Faculty Affairs)
  2. Report of Completion Form (Division of Graduate Studies)
  3. Request For Leave of Absence Without Pay - Faculty only (Faculty Affairs)
  4. Request to Extend the Probationary Period (Faculty Affairs)
  5. Tenure Track Recuirmtnet Request Form (Faculty Affairs )

Administration & Finance

  1. Alcohol Clearance Form (Enterprise Risk Management)
  2. Authorization for One-time Exception for Travel, Hospitality, or Reimbursement (Fiscal Affairs)
  3. Budget Request for Mini Grant (Fiscal Affairs)
  4. Business Expense Reimbursement Request (Fiscal Affairs)
  5. Campus Marketplace Enrollment Form (Procurement & Support Services)
  6. Catastrophic Leave Donation Form (Human Resources)
  7. Chartfield Value Request Form (Fiscal Affairs)
  8. Cost Recovery Fund Transfer Request Form (Fiscal Affairs)
  9. CSU Application Fee Reimbursement Form (Human Resources)
  10. Dependent Fee Waiver Application (Human Resources)
  11. Direct Payment Request (Procurement & Support Services)
  12. Dock Notice (Human Resources)
  13. Emergency Hire / Casual Worker Request Form (Human Resources)
  14. Emergency Pay Request (Human Resources)
  15. Employee Fee Waiver Appication (Human Resources)
  16. Employee Fee Waiver Change of Course(s) Form (Human Resources)
  17. Employment Verification Request (Human Resources)
  18. External Advertisement Approval Form (Human Resources)
  19. Hospitality Payment / Reimbursement Request (Fiscal Affairs)
  20. Individual Career Development Plan (Human Resources)
  21. Invoice Approval Form (Fiscal Affairs)
  22. Labor Cost Distribution Change Request (Budget Administration & Operations)
  23. Learning Site Wavier Form (Enterprise Risk Management)
  24. Learning Site Agreement Waiver Request Form (Enterprise Risk Management)
  25. Leave of Absence Request Form (Human Resources)
  26. Mobile Device Authorization Form (Information Technology Services)
  27. MPP Performance Evaluation (Human Resources)
  28. Office Depot Account Request Form (Procurement & Support Services)
  29. Outside Employment Disclosure Form (Human Resources)
  30. Payroll Form 500 & 501 (Human Resources)
  31. PO Close and PO Decrease Form (Procurement & Support Services)
  32. Procurement Card / Department Travel Card Monthly Report (Fiscal Affairs)
  33. Project Charter (Budget Administration & Operations)
  34. Recommendation to Hire Form (Human Resources)
  35. Recruitment Request Form (Human Resources)
  36. Service Provider Insurance Waiver Request Form (Enterprise Risk Management)
  37. Staff Perofrmance Evaluation Form (Human Resouces)
  38. Stop Payment and Check Request Application (Fiscal Affairs)
  39. Temporary Telecommuting Agreement (Human Resources)
  40. Temporary Paid Adminsitrative Leave (Human Resources)
  41. Trust Fund Agreement (Fiscal Affairs)
  42. Work Schedule (Human Resources)

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

  1. Financial Aid Online Document Submission Process (Financial Aid)
  2. Mashouf Willness Center Payroll Deduction (Campus Recreation)

University Advancement

  1. Endowment Fund Agreement
  2. Gift Acceptance Form
  3. Request For Transfer of Funds from Endowment Fund to Spending Account

University Enterprises

  1. University Corporation Check Request (University Corporation)
  2. Special Project Agreement (University Corporation)