Getting Started with DocuSign

Transforming University Business Processes

To enhance campus operations and boost productivity, San Francisco State University is using DocuSign — an eSignature solution that enables users to send, sign, and approve documents electronically.  A more sustainable alternative to paper forms, DocuSign also provides a faster method for obtaining required signatures. The method is more secure, trackable, and legally binding. A number of departments across campus are using DocuSign, allowing employees to electronically sign a large variety of forms. By digitizing your business processes using DocuSign, you can:

  • Complete transactions faster,
  • Reduce paperwork and rework rates,
  • Eliminate paper,
  • Automate routing,
  • Track your documents instantaneously, and
  • Enhance the customer experience.

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is San Francisco State University’s secure, campuswide, legally-binding eSignature application.

Who can use DocuSign at SF State?

All current faculty and staff will be able to use DocuSign for University business. Users will only be able to send transactions to staff and faculty with active DocuSign accounts.

When can DocuSign be used?

DocuSign is approved for use with Level 1 (Confidential) data and PII (Personally Identifiable Information). DocuSign must not be used for PCI data (credit card information) or HIPAA data (medical records). To learn more about different levels of data and what is considered confidential data, please see the ITS Confidential Data Practice Directive.

What forms are approved for use in DocuSign?

The forms found here are currently approved for use with DocuSign.

In order for a form or document to approved for use in DocuSign, the department who owns the form must initiate a Risk Assessment Review through the Electronic Signatures Risk Assessment Form.* More information about what forms can be used in DocuSign and the Risk Assessment process can be found under Usage Standards.

*Memos and departmental forms routed internally (i.e., forms owned by your department and only sent to individuals within your department) are not required to undergo an electronic signature risk assessment, as long as there is no level 1 information contained in the document or any attachments.

How can I get started with DocuSign?

Before you dive in, we highly recommend you attend one of our training sessions or view our training guide.