Initiate and Track a Document

How to Initiate an Envelope in DocuSign


1. On your DocuSign homepage, click on NEW and select Send an Envelope.

DocuSign homepage with send an envelope highlighted
2. Click on UPLOAD to upload a document that has been approved for use in DocuSign. upload button highlighted
3. Fill out the section Add Recipients to Envelope:
  • Insert recipient information
  • Assign recipient actions
  • Check the signing order

Edit the email subject and message. Then select NEXT at the top right corner to add fields.

add recipients to the envelope

4. Add signature and form fields by clicking and dragging a fieldfrom the Fields Palette and placing it on the document.

Click on SEND at the top right to send out the document.

add signature and form fields to the document


How to Manage and Track Your Envelopes

1. Click on the MANAGE at the top to view the status of all your envelopes Docusign homepage with manage in the top ribbon highlighted
2. On the left hand side under QUICK VIEWS, select Waiting for Others to view envelopes with pending approvals. DocuSign waiting for others folder highlighted
3. Select an envelope to see the detailed status. You will see a list of recipients with the status of each recipients' signature. Example of status of an envelope in DocuSign