What's New

Beginning on September 14, 2020, DocuSign users may now send risk assessed and approved documents to individuals who are not affiliated to the University to collect information and signatures. When sending documents to a non-affiliated individual, departments must refer to the Security Matrix: Sending Documents to non-SFSU Individuals and apply the recommended security control based on the risk level for your approved documents. Departments can find the guide on how to send high risk documents to third parties here.

Bulk Send allows you to send one document to many people at the same time, eliminating the need to create and send separate envelopes. You'll import a list of signers and each individual will recieve a unique copy of the document to sign.

Learn how to utilize Bulk Send for your process with our How-to Guide here.

Beginning on July 1, 2020, current SFSU students will be able to create a SFSU affiliated DocuSign account with Signer access and securely sign University forms. Read more about the different access levels here.

To create a student DocuSign account:

  1. Go to https://account.docusign.com and enter your @mail.sfsu.edu email address
  2. Click on COMPANY LOGIN
  3. At the SF State Global Login page, enter your SFSU credentials

If you have a personal DocuSign account associated with your @mail.sfsu.edu email address, you can choose from the below to keep your personal matters and University matters separate:

  1. Switch between the personal account and the SFSU affiliated account, and you can choose to set the SFSU affiliated account as the default. See Switch DocuSign accounts for more information.
  2. Change your @mail.sfsu.edu email address on your personal DocuSign account to a personal email address. See Change your Email Address for step-by-step instructions.
  3. Close the personal DocuSign account using your @mail.sfsu.edu. This will remove access to all your documents; if you wish to preserve any of these existing documents, it is recommended that you download copies of your completed documents before closing the account. Provide a request to DocuSign Support to close your account by submitting a case with the DocuSign Support team here, or contact them by phone: 1-800-379-9973

Level 1 Data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are now approved for use in DocuSign. Please refer to ITS' Confidential Data Practice Directive for more information on what is considered Level 1 and PII data. You can read more about this update here.

PCI data (credit card information) and HIPAA data (medical records) still may not be routed through DocuSign.

The Copy with Field Data option clones an envelope to create a copy that retains any information already entered by recipients. This option is especially useful for complex, multi-recipient envelopes that are declined or otherwise voided. You can use Copy with Field Data to clone a partially or fully completed envelope and preserve signer information and the data entry of any recipients who finished signing the original envelope.

You can find this option by clicking on an envelope, clicking on More, and selecting Copy With Field Data.

More dropdown menu expanded with copy with field data highlighted

DocuSign is one of San Francisco State University's Continuity Tools available to employees. Continuity Tools help employees continue to perform their job with ease whether they telecommute regularly or are working from home on occasion.