Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Yes, users may customize their notification settings and control the type and frequency of communications they receive.

  1. Go to My Preferences > Signing and Sending > Notifications.
    The list of Sending and Recipient Notifications appears. By default, all notification options are turned on.
  2. Clear the checkbox for any notification that you do not want to receive. Click SAVE.

Learn more about Managing Notifications.

SF State DocuSign emails will always come from the following email address: If you are uncertain of the email’s authenticity, we advise you to first log into your DocuSign account to locate and access the transaction from within the SF State-DocuSign domain. If the transaction cannot be located, we strongly recommend reporting the suspicious activity to DocuSign.

For guidelines on how to identify and report suspicious DocuSign activity, please refer to DocuSign’s Reporting security concerns.

For more information about phishing, please refer to ITS’ phishing guides:

Senders can void a document to cancel the envelope. Senders will have to enter a reason when voiding, it will cancel the signing process for any remaining signers, and all recipients will receive notification that the envelope was voided.

Signers can decline an envelope if they do not wish to sign an envelope that they have received. Signers will have to enter a reason for declining, it will cancel the signing process for any remaining signers, and all recipients will receive notification that the envelope was declined.

Deleting an envelope removes the envelope from your account and places it in the Deleted folder, and will be purged within 24 hours. Deleting an In Process envelope will not void or decline the envelope, thus we would recommend only deleting completed, voided, declined, or draft envelopes.

Account Access

If you already have a DocuSign account associated with your @sfsu or @mail.sfsu email address, you will be presented with a list of your accounts associated with a particular email address when you login. Select the SFSU enterprise account when logging in. This will allow you to access the envelopes and documents that are being sent to you for SFSU business purposes.

You can switch between accounts, and you can also set a new default account. Learn more about Switching Accounts.

Students are automatically assigned Signer access and faculty and staff are automatically assigned Viewer access. To obtain additional DocuSign access, you must submit a service ticket.

Action Signer Viewer Sender
Receive DocuSign transactions to complete and sign Yes Yes Yes
Use DocuSign Powerforms Yes Yes Yes
Use DocuSign templates No Yes Yes
Create DocuSign transactions to collect electronic signatures No Yes Yes
Create and share DocuSign templates No No Yes
Create and manage DocuSign Powerforms No No Yes

Signing and Completing Documents

You will not be able to edit or correct any information that has already been entered in the envelope. However, senders can make certain corrections to an in-progress envelope for recipients who have not yet signed the envelope. This includes correcting recipient information, and deleting, modifying, or adding fields on the document as needed.

Learn more about Correct Envelopes.

For business processes in which there are shared responsibilities within a defined group of people, we would recommend the use of Signing Groups. A signing group allows any one member of a predefined group of recipients to open and act on a DocuSign document. You may submit a service ticket if you would like to create a signing group for your team/unit.

Learn more about Signing Groups.