Prepare your Document

When you create a template or send documents to collect information using DocuSign, it is important to ensure your document content is easy for people of all abilities to read and review. Having accessible content optimizes documents in a way that is easily understood by assistive technology such as screen readers as well as improves the experience for all users (e.g., clear visual headings, descriptive hyperlinks, etc.).

Microsoft Word document is the recommended document type for DocuSign. Microsoft Word allows you to create content using tools that optimize documents in a way that is easily understood by assistive technology such as screen readers. In addition, the built-in accessibility checker available in Microsoft Office Products will tell you if there are any issues, how to fix them, and which items need human verification. 

After you create your document in Word, run the Accessibility Checker by selecting the Review tab and then clicking on the Check Accessibility button. 

DocuSign recommends using the latest version of Word. If you are using an earlier version, you can use the Check for Issues button followed by the Check for Accessibility link. When the results appear, you can click on the items in the results tree. More information will display to allow you to understand why the issue was flagged and how to fix it. Not all the suggestions are necessary. For example, not all tables require table headers, so you can skip unnecessary suggestions if they do not apply to your document.

Visit the Microsoft Accessibility Checker website for more information.

DocuSign supports over 20 different document types. If your document is a PDF or other document format, please refer to determine accessible document page to identify the accessibility status of you document. After an accessible document is uploaded to DocuSign, senders should also include data label and detailed tooltip to the DocuSign Fields that will help recipients better understand the document they are signing.

Feel free to contact if your document format is not listed on the webpage.