Signing Other Actions

The Other Actions tab contains additional actions available to you when signing documents in DocuSign. For example, if you run out of time to complete a document, you can elect to finish later. Alternatively, if the document was sent to you by mistake, is incorrect, or you're not the right signer, you can either assign the document to someone else or decline to sign. Other Actions tab is located at at the top right of your screen during your signing session.  


other actions option showing finish later, assign to someone else, and decline to sign

Finish Later

Exit the signing process, saving any information you have entered. You can return to finish signing the document later by using the link in the original email notification or by accessing the document from your Actions Required folder.

Assign to Someone Else

This option allows signers to reassign the signing responsibility to another person. You must provide the new signer’s name, email address, and a reason for the change. The sender receives a notification of the change including the new signer's info and the reason for the change. The new signer you've identified is prompted to sign the document.

Decline to Sign

If any information is incorrect, you can decline to sign the document. You will be asked provide a message for the sender of the document indicating why you have declined to sign.