Add or remove recipients to a template

Instructions to add a recipient to a template:

  • After adding the template of your choice, click ADVANCED EDIT
recipient information popup screen with advanced edit highlighted


  • Under Add Recipients to Envelope, select ADD RECIPIENT.

    • Input the name of the recipient and designate a recipient action. Drag and drop the recipient to where they belong on the workflow and ensure the signing order is sequential.
    • If the recipient Needs to Sign, you must add recipient fields on the document. Click NEXT.
DocuSign login prompting input of email address


  • In the recipients list at the top of the page, select a person to add fields for. 
recipient list with color codes


  • From the Standard Fields palette at the left, click and drag the available field types and add it to the active page. Click SEND to send out the envelope.
Add assigned to recipient send button highlighted