Filter your DocuSign emails into a separate folder

Instructions for Windows users: 


  • Right-click a message in your inbox from DocuSign and select Rules. Select Create Rule.
Rules and create rule highlighted in microsoft outlook


  • In the Create Rule dialog box, select From DocuSign NA3 System (first checkbox). Under Do the following, select Move the item to folder, and click Select Folder.
create rule dialog box with "from docusign NA3 system" and "move item to folder inbox" checked


  • Select New. In the dialog box Create New Folder, type in a name (example: "DocuSign") for your new folder and click OK.
create a new folder named docusign in microsoft outlook


  • Click through OK to save your rule. Upon the last OKselect Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder to move existing DocuSign emails in your inbox to your new designated DocuSign folder.
Create Rule option to run this rule now on messages already in current folder checked