Share a Template

Best Practices

When you share a template, you grant the selected users or groups the right to use the template. We recommend that you set up a password to protect your shard template from being modified by other users and limit the types of changes that can be made when the template is used to send an envelope. To add a template password, 

  • Locate your template from the Templates page. Select Edit from the dropdown menu on the right.  
  • Click ADVANCED OPTIONS on the top navigation toolbar. Template passwords are limited to 15 characters.
  • In the Advanced Options dialog, under the Password section, enter a password, and then re-enter to verify the password. Template passwords are limited to 15 characters.
  • Click SAVE.
navigation toolbar with ADVANCED OPTIONS highlighted


Ways to Share your Templates

There are two ways that you could share your templates with other users at SF State. You can share your template either: